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『"Proof Of Magnetic Field & Both Banks" Release Party』ADVANCE TICKET



5/21に大阪TRIANGLEで開催される『MONJU"Proof Of Magnetic Field"、ISSUGI & DJ SHOE "BOTH BANKS" Release Party』のADVANCE TICKET 2022.05.21(SAT) DOGEAR RECORDS presents 『Proof Of Magnetic Field & Both Banks』Release Party @ TRIANGLE Open : 22:00 Close : 05:00 ADVANCE TICKET : ¥2500 (+1d ¥600) DOOR: ¥3500 (+1d ¥600) RELEASE LIVE MONJU ISSUGI & DJ SHOE feat. MASS-HOLE , VANY LIVE ILLNANDES WILLOW S-kaine GUEST DJ GRADIS NICE SCRATCH NICE DJ GEORGE ENDRUN SHOE GAJIROH 5F DJ MASS-HOLE EL moncherie K-FLASH EMJAY ch.o IKKEI SHAWN-D kohpowpow SHOP MARADONA RECORDS