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"1982s (the remix album) " 3LP



MASS-HOLE vs ISSUGI 2015年にテープのみでのリリースで、今や幻となったMASS-HOLE vs ISSUGI『1982s ( the remix album )』が、待望の3LPリリース。A2. death wish / B3. one on one / D1. heliumの3曲を追加収録。 Side A 1. the stick 2. death wish feat. 仙人掌, mass-hole 3. the anthem Side B 1. eat feat. s.l.a.c.k. 2. mr. rampage feat. mr. pug 3. one on one Side C 1. shout from fresino feat. kid fresino 2. morning 3. coffe break feat. 仙人掌 Side D 1. helium (demo) 2. the hand feat. mr. pug 3. sick feat. tamu Side E 1. jus music feat. yahiko 2. time is now feat. o.y.g 3. the joint outro 4. skit Side F 1 new day feat. 仙人掌 2 dipforest 3 n.a.t.a. feat. mass-hole ■all beats by mass-hole(medulla/wdsounds/midnightmealrecord/dirtrain/kingpinz) ■all lyrics by issugi(monju/dogearrecords/downnorthcamp/sickteam) ■other lyrics by 仙人掌, mr. pug, s.l.a.c.k., yahiko, cenju, tamu, o.y.g,mass-hole ■scratch by serow(medulla/midnightmeal records),mass-hole,16flip(trk F2) ■artwork by daichi(midnightmeal records) ■photography by cayo(fukuoka),goro kosaka(tokyo) ■mastering by briancid(nyc), azzurro ■production&distribution by wdsounds, downnorthcamp, midnightmealrecord , jazzysport